Online Marketing Consultant

eCommerce Consultant

Working as Freelance on behalf of Simply Social (digital agency).   

The Challenge

It’s an Irish eCommerce and manufacturing producing snacks online and offline. The agency reached out to me to improve the revenue and engagement rate via Paid Traffic. 

What I Did?

– Google Shopping Ads

– Facebook, Instagram & Twitter Ads

– Paid Search 

– Measurement Analytics 

– Automation of Marketing


The ApproACH

Due to the popularity of the brand in Ireland, I worked with great passion. Structing campaigns in several audience layers for eCommerce aiming to improve the LTV of customers.    


As shown in the chart below, we got great results in terms of CR% mainly via Paid Search, Shopping Ads. Customer journey analytics setup could help the team to take better decisions. 

I love working on eCommerce. They are demanding but may lead to huge gratifications.   

Main KPI’s 

  • Conversion Rate 85% 85%
  • Engagement Rate 65% 65%
  • Bounce Rate 53% 53%
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