I help startups build
better growth.

This is Nico Rubino: 10+ years of experience in Growth Marketing & Startups.

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About me

Past experience at Bacardi, Google, Facebook across countries.

100% focused on building data-driven sustainable growth for startups.

B2C Startups

4+ years of working experience for startups and scaleup across sectors where I covered the role as Head of Marketing

Growth Marketing

10+ years in Growth Marketing working for agencies and client-side roles (ROAS, lead generation and brand awareness)

Using data to generate better hypotheses and validate them with A/B testing.

Qualitative + Quantitave data. I use a Design Thinking approach to explore the hidden needs of users.

Quality of Data

Expert in eCommerce and Mobile apps. I am an Adjust Mobile App advanced partner.


I do what I love

Sustainable and scalable, AARRR, framework.

Finding new customers or increasing their retention rate (LTV)

Paid Media90%
Influencer Marketing70%
Organic SMM + SEO70%
Design Thinking70%

A data-driven approach to scale startups

Achieving high performance and fueling high growth through experiments on new ideas. With effective OMTM and measurements to achieve better results.

Experience in MySQL and Javascript for Performance Marketing gained in marketing agencies.

AARRR Framework

Paid Social, PPC/SEM

I leverage creative design through the use of automation tools to create integrated campaigns for target audiences. I have strong experience with Google Shopping Campaigns, Paid Search and Instagram Ads.

Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Amplitude.

Google Analytics gives me the tools I need to better understand your customers analysing, for example, performance like: Revenue by sessions, Time spent on the website, AOV, Cohort analysis.

nico rubino analtyics

CRO: transforming visitors into customers.  

A make use of tools like Crazy Egg and Hotjar to ensure that the startup will continuously engage new leads converting passive visitors into active visitors in a way that meets your marketing objectives.

CRO Nico Rubino Startups

Past Clients

I helped top brands developing unique experience

Top 3 soft skills as a trait of my personality

01. Communication

Good communication skills are key to success in life, work and relationships. Successful teams are able to communicate with each other effectively.

02. Critical thinking

Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally, understanding the logical connection between ideas, really appreciated for startups.

03. Trust

I believe in trust as a positive attitude and a strong work ethic. This skill is gained over time by working hard and making things right.


Satisfied Brands

Since 2008 I have been working in Marketing managing clients on performance and branding marketing.


Countries I Worked

I worked in Turkey, Italy, Spain, Ireland and England. Also, I managed global campaigns in Canada, the US, Germany and Australia.


Paid Media Budget

I have managed a considerable paid media budget across Paid Social and SEM.


Happy Startups

I have been working successfully for startups as Head of Marketing in the gaming, tourism and HR technical recruitment.