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How to Create a Sitemap in WordPress?



Whether you’re a launching your personal blog or structuring a more professional website in WordPress, you might looking for guidance to get helpful tips to create a new XML Sitemap for SEO.


After having published your website, you will want to make sure that the site will be properly crawled and indexed from search engines. To boost the visibility, you will need not only write persuasive and unique contents but most importantly checking that your technical SEO is well tested and validated without errors.

As part of the audit process, you might need to submitting a XML sitemap file which generally helps with your technical SEO boosting your rankings.


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What Is A Sitemap?


A Sitemap is a XML file that lists the URLs for a site. This file is important because informs Google saying which URLs a website owns and are available for crawling. Also, the sitemap provides further information about the internal structure of a website, as well as:

  • List of URLs available
  • Connections between links
  • Latest updates on when pages or posts have been edited or published


Submitting a sitemap is not mandatory for SEO purposes. However, it is recommented if you have a large number of pages or blog post, let’s say if you manage an eCommerce with 100+ items and a well curated blog. In cases like these, a sitemap helps search engines providing info regarding URLs connection and product categories of the eCommerce.

Along with a XML Sitemap you might need to submit a robot.txt file too. This is not mandatory either. A robot.txt helps you to avoid that specific pages are crawled and indexed from Search Engines. For example, you might want to exclude some images or duplicate pages.


Extra Tips: Learn more about how to create a robot.txt, Read this resource from Semrush.


If you’ve come this far, you’re ready to explore 3 tips to create a sitemaps in WordPress! ?



3 WordPress Plugins to Create a Sitemap

a. Yoast SEO


Yoast SEO is one of the most popular SEO Plugin for WordPress. If you do plan to have a robust tool, Yoast SEO is the right choice for you. Using the Free Version you have access a number of features, as an example:

  • targeting 1 main keyword for page or post;
  • snippet preview;
  • making use of the Breadcrumb Navigation;
  • generating robots.txt and XML Sitemap.

Creating the XML Sitemap in Yoast SEO is straightforward: follow the following steps as shown in the screenshot below:

  • General -> Features -> XML sitemaps -> ON


Yoast SEO Sitemap

               Yoast SEO – Steps to generate a Sitemap

To download Yoast SEO, click here


b. All in One SEO Pack


All in One SEO plugin is certainly one of the best free WordPress SEO plugin. With over 2+ Million Active Installations it’s a popular option that worth to consider as Yoast SEO alternative.

Its free version lets you add and optimize a number of features, including title and description meta tags, AMP, canonical tags and Sitemaps.

In particular, with All in One SEO Pack you have the freedom to customise the sitemap including only specific pages, categories or images. Upgrading to the paid version unlocks features for creating sitemaps for video content as well. Click here to learn how to create a sitemap with All in One SEO Pack.

To download All in One SEO Pack, click here

c. Google XML Sitemaps


The last option suggested is “Google XML Sitemaps” plugin. Comparated to the previous two plugins, this solution is certainly straightforward but provides more advanced features than Yoast SEO.

Despite the given name, the plugin is able to generate XML files valid not only for Google but also for Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. Follow the steps below to activate it:


Google XML Plugin



wordpress sitemap

Second Step: Click on “Your Sitemap”


Their advanced feature options allow users to setting the page’s priority for indexation; setting content categories to be included in the XML file. Also, excluding specific type of post categories or posts.

For further information about Google XML Sitemaps, click here.


Submit the Sitemap on Google Search Console


Do remember, as last step, visit your Search Console to sumbit the XML just generated. See the screenshot below to process the action required. If you’re using Google Search Console, follow these steps:

Index -> Sitemaps ->  Add a New Sitemap: 

write: sitemap_index.xml



The crawling process begins with a list of web addresses from past crawls and sitemaps provided in the Webmaster Tool.


That’s it! ? Now wait a few days till your website will be fully accessible from users.




Whether you are a seasoned SEO or a beginner, you might need to get tips to find out what plugins to installs in WordPress to create a new XML sitemap. There are a wide range of plugins available in the market, which allow users creating sitemaps quickly, with a few clicks and for free. If you still need help to optmise your website for SEO, drop me an email! I will be very glad to help! ?

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